Aligning fashion’s hottest trends sure brings about several refreshing styles to don, and with true flair! We present to you 5 curated picks that you can alternate and get through the Summer season without missing a beat in the style zone.

Thicker, chunkier, strappier, the Melissa Jessie Platform is here. Despite its appearance, the ultra light soles and super comfortable arch support are amazingly comfortable, with thin, convenient button slingback straps. The Jessie Platform provides such stability and comfort, it almost feels like you’re walking atop a bed of clouds all day. A good fit for all feet types thanks to its superior cutting, the pair goes well with flare bottoms and straight cut skirts, making it versatile for events and weekend outings with the girls.

Melissa Jackie is definitely the season’s looker. Available in both adult and kid sizes, Melissa Jackie is simply a classic fusion of the all-revered Mary Jane boots heeled with chunky, bold tractor soles. Fully lacquered, the shoes are elegant and easy to match, with its chic Parisien vibe and street look exuding a style all on its own. Also available in mini melissa Jackie, don your daughter's feet with flair with cute all-season colours, step out as the coolest mom and daughter duo, and paint the town red in comfort and inimitable flair!

Moving on to the woman who knows how to rock an outfit, embrace our Melissa Megan as this pair is all about fun and more fun! A modern design inspired from a very classic one - the fisherman sandal - the energetic Megan boasts a covered toe shoe set against bold tractor soles. Designed with the perfect arch support that makes extensive walking enjoyable and covered with thick, yet breathable straps that allow sweaty feet room to breathe, Melissa Megan serves to be one of our pieces that proves the expertise of Melissa’s technology and experience in shoe making. In addition, thick insoles are fitted in the design, making this vegan, recyclable pair an ultra comfortable staple to have in your closet.

The best stylish sandals for holidays and day to day errands, Melissa Town Sandals are a staple in your wardrobe, perfect to pair with any outfit. We won't blame you if you get more than a few pairs! With easy to wear buckle straps, the simple and elegant platform sandals are made with EVA soles, making it light as air and ultra comfortable for long hours on foot. Produced in signature colours to suit your every mood, the open-toe sandals are well-cut, accentuating and minimalist. A real classic, pull the look off by simply donning a pair of denims and halter top or a pretty summer dress and you’re good to step out in effortless style.

Last but not least, our Possession Fresh will have you clamouring for a pair in every colour! As if our classic Possession line isn’t enough, the latest Possession Fresh now comes in an open-toe option, letting you play mix and match with more casual outfits on a daily basis. Putting a modern spin on Melissa's heritage, the viral and iconic Melissa Aranha sandals which launched in the 70s, the Possession Fresh truly is a major look for the seasons. Thanks to its lightweight and waterproof material, these flexible sandals are also great to bring along for vacations, thanks to its easy to clean and breathable design. From weekend dates to supermarket runs, this pair is perfect in all ways and angles.